Meet the Team

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iisaaksiichaa braine

iisaaksiichaa braine

Tribal Relations Liaison

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Omar Santana-Gomez

Advisory Board Program Manager

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Angela Vera Webster

Angela Vera Webster

Advisory Board Program Manager

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Who We Are

The Office of Equity is beautifully diverse and strives to model the way government can center the humanity of the communities we serve as well all employees. We lead with relational partnership and accountability to make real our vision of a Washington where everyone thrives, and everyone belongs.                                
Our Office is filled with people of varying identities that intersect at equity and each of us are on our own personal anti-racism journeys. So, we invite you to get to know us and how each team contributes to our mission.

Jordan Feyerherm

Access & Accessibility

The Access & Accessibility team, led by Director Jordan Feyerherm, is committed to identifying barriers to access across state government and working with agencies to develop sustainable plans to addressing them. It is our responsibility to ensure government works for and with all residents. Our current focus areas are digital, language, and disability accessibility which includes accessing technology, physical spaces, and information.  

Meet the Access & Accessibility Team
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Administrative Support

The Business & Administrative Services team, led by Executive Assistant Dana van Ness develops and document processes in partnership with the Equity directors, managers, and deputy. We provide services that are related to travel and logistics, executive correspondence, recruitment support, meeting planning and coordination, purchasing and invoicing, and ASL coordination, to name a few. We are warm and professional while providing excellent service that is timely, consistent, and transparent. We continuously assess the overall needs and goals of our office while focusing on our mission of making Washington a belonging state that is pro-equity and anti-racist.  

Meet the Administrative Support Team
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The Communication Team, led by Director TraeAnna Holiday, is the mouthpiece of the Office of Equity. By coordinating events, social media, newsletters, video production, and much more, this team supports connection to community using creativity and relationship. With a hyper-focus on accessibility and equity, this team wants to redefine what government communications can look, sound, and feel like.

Meet the Communications Team
Mount Rainer

Equity & Belonging

The Equity & Belonging team, led by Director Nicholas Vann is a team of Shared Power Consultants and Pro-Equity Consultants. Shared Power Consultants support agencies by addressing the historical and current inequities that have deprived many communities in Washington State. The Pro-Equity Consultants help state agencies to implement PEAR within state government to help reduce disparities.

Meet the Equity & Belonging Team
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Innovation & Performance

The Innovation & Performance Team, led by Director Caitlyn McNabb, helps agencies invest where the needs are greatest, to addresses upstream causes for downstream inequities, through quantitative analysis and lived experience narratives. We analyze the outcomes and human impact of our decision making to build a system of accountability in government. 

Meet the Innovation & Performance Team
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The Operations Team, led by Director Amanda Maxwell, supports the Office of Equity and Community Advisory Board in navigating government administration so that the Office operates within Pro-Equity Anti-Racism framework to create systems and policy change for equity and justice.

Meet the Operations Team