Who We Serve

The goal of our office is to enact systems change throughout state government.

Who We Serve

We serve state agencies and community members. The goal of our office is to enact systems change throughout state government. To do that, we must transform government from the inside with an understanding of the impact our work will have on all Washingtonians.

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We support agencies in applying an equity lens in all aspects of their decision-making. Central to this is our Relational Partnership and PEAR work. These strategies work hand-in-hand to lay the foundation for transformational change. By supporting agencies with strategies, tools, techniques, and resources, we help develop your own approaches that are rooted inside their agency. When applied properly, helps aid in work culture shifts that cause significant positive outcomes for those they serve. Over time, these procedures become normalized and reinforce themselves based on the positive impacts they create.

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Our state government work is grounded in public service to Washingtonians. We center the experiences of communities who have been historically marginalized and systematically excluded from access, power, and opportunities in our overall strategy and all our actions. Although much of our work is agency based, we know that we are working to change policies, practices, and procedures for the benefit of Washingtonians. This is why we identify as an entity who also serves community. We encourage agencies to build their own relationships with Community Members, Community Organizations, and Commissions to best serve Washingtonians.

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How we are different

Foundationally, we acknowledge that state government hasn’t always worked well for many people. While government services have benefited some families, there are also practices, policies, procedures, and people that have been detrimental to those from the global majority. We are upfront about that understanding, and we take it into account for all the work we do. This is why our infrastructure is based in pro-equity anti-racism, PEAR. We must uproot these harmful ideals from the ways we do business and serve Washingtonians. We are different because we work diligently to hold ourselves accountable. We are different because we are bold in our transparency. We are different because we take responsibility even when it may be uncomfortable. 

We are different because we welcome difficult discussions, knowing we can learn and grow from them. We are different because work to uproot our own unconscious bias and internalized racial oppression. We are different because we make commitments toward racial equity and measure ourselves overtly. We are different because we won’t settle for less than a government that works for all Washingtonians. And we are different because we model this and offer the opportunity for all to work alongside us. Join us and be different too!