Omar Santana-Gomez

Advisory Board Program Manager

he | him | él

Omar Santana-Gomez, (He/him/el) is a Community Advisory Board Program Manager with the Office of Equity. Omar has been in State service for almost 4 years. In each role, he has worked to better the State’s interface with the people they are meant to serve. With roots in community through previous work as an advocate for Survivors of domestic violence Omar is committed to eliminating barriers community at large has to resources and services. As a queer person of color, growing up with English as a second language,  Omar is a fierce advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ Communities and advancing language access in Washington State.

Omar earned his degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, WA. He celebrates every Taco Tuesday and loves to bike, hike, and be outdoors in the Spring and Summer.

I got to the office of Equity because while the work I was doing in my previous agency was and continues to be important it ended up not being the right fit for me. Yes, some of the issues were within the agency but the struggles I encountered can be copy pasted to most if not all organizations in the enterprise. I, like a lot of folks I know within the state didn't feel or were made to feel like we didn't belong in our organizations. In my struggles I saw the Office of Equity as the catalyst to transform State Government so that people like me don't need to survive, but thrive in state service. I wanted to be a part of making that change happen.

I am a part of a dynamic 2 person team charged with supporting our newly established 11 member (and growing) Office of Equity Advisory Board. From building up the framework for the Advisory Board including community outreach, application processes, selection of the board members and planning of and executing board meetings we do it all in support of our board members. I bring my full authentic self to work.

I commit to continue working on myself, to continue to challenge the lenses that shape how I see the world and be open to seeing perspectives beyond my own. I know success when I am continually sitting in discomfort, learning and growing with my fellow humans.

I envision a future that someone, no matter their mobility, the language they speak, what racial or ethnic groups they belong to, their income, where they grew up, or who they know, or don't know, can receive the resources they need to not just survive but thrive in our society.