Our Strategy

Centering Humanity in All We Do

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Phase 1: Foundation to Transformation

The Office of Equity will provide resources and support to agencies in order to complete Phase 1 by June 2024 and our reporting strategy will evolve to reflect that expectation.

Agencies should enact plans to reach these goals:




Phase 2: Transformation to Accountability

We will strive to meet our mandate to advance systems change by embedding an equity lens throughout all agency decision-making. Our strategies to accomplish this include:

Internal Impact

To model relationship building, collaboration, co-creation, transparency our organizational goals for fiscal year 2024 (July 2023- June 2024) include:

  • Fully staff the 36 positions we have funding for. 
  • Implement a budget strategy to use the funding for the broadest impact possible.
  • Develop and implement internal processes for more efficient and effective operations.
  • Establish internal culture that is welcoming and furthers a sense of belonging.
    • All Staff Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreats
    • Wellness Wednesdays
    • Celebrating employees the way they want to be recognized.
    • Setting clear expectations and transparent job duties for all employees.
  • Establish partnerships and relationships for comprehensive strategies that can address root causes of racism and oppression in our systems.
  • Officially launch Smartsheet, a project management platform that will us better deliver consultation, resources, and technical support to agencies as well as streamline our internal operations.