Innovation & Performance

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Who We Are

The Innovation & Performance bench helps agencies invest where the needs are greatest, to address upstream causes for downstream inequities through truth, transparency, and action. I&P analyzes the outcomes and human impact of our decision-making to bring accountability to the Washington State government.

What We Do

Our team is responsible for creating statewide and agency-specific process and outcome measures to determine the effectiveness of agency programs and services on reducing disparities, taking into consideration community feedback on whether the performance measures established accurately measure the effectiveness of agency programs and services in the communities served.

This bench participates in and contributes to the development of the overall pro-equity, anti-racism business strategy, bringing a current knowledge and future vision of how technology and data, when coupled with real stories from real people impacted by present day inequities and injustice, can be used to refine business processes, and equip agency decision-makers to make real policy and budgetary decisions in real time to address real needs for real people. 

How We Do What We Do

We make visible important issues and stories that are unheard or unseen.

We reframe accountability for the State as truth and reconciliation to achieve transformative and transparent systems change in Washington.

We help agencies invest where the needs are greatest to address root causes for inequity in Washington.

We operationalize and reinforce pro-equity anti-racism statewide by providing technical support, training, and resources that embeds relational partnerships and services equity to state agencies.