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Annual Report

The Annual Report encompasses the highlights of our Annual Report. We took a creative approach to explaining some of our work while also spotlighting some of the staff from our office. Tune in to learn more about our body of work and how it’s connecting to the mission of creating systems change across Washington state government.

Read our current and previous annual reports here.

Digital Equity Forum

Digital Equity is a commitment Washington state is making to provide internet access to everyone. We understand the needs vary depending on where you live. These videos showcase people throughout the state who are impacted by digital inequity. Tune in to hear their stories as we center lived experiences to help us in our efforts to make digital equity expand across the state.

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Equity in Session

Equity in Session features our legislative team as we go through legislative sessions. With a focus on equity, our legislative team guides you through their experience and the Bills To Watch. Tune in to follow the experience of legislative sessions from the perspective of Office of Equity staff.


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Welcome to Belonging

Welcome to Belonging is our take on what Washington can be as belonging is centered in our work. It briefly describes some of the work that must be done to get there, while also encouraging everyone to participate. Tune in to learn how we envision Washington state being a place where everyone belongs.

When We Belong

When We Belong focuses on the topic of creating belonging throughout the enterprise. We bring together leaders who are working diligently to establish cultures of belonging in their agencies, their roles, and throughout their partnerships. They share personal experiences and perspectives to invite the audience on the journey to make Washington state a place where everyone belongs. Tune in to gain insight into how leaders are making a difference, challenging status quos, and dealing with difficulties of change as they introduce belonging throughout the state. 

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Aylis J Lind, Cecilia Zamprelli-Jones, Andrew Chin