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State of Equity in U.S. and WA State
Achieving Equitable & Just Outcomes for All in Washington State

State of Equity in U.S. and WA State

Equity and justice for all, now and for the generations to come.

4. Determinants of Equity (King County, WA)

In 2015, King County, Washington, identified 14 Determinants of Equity, the social conditions that each of us need to thrive, by which future progress toward becoming a fair and just community could be measured.

Because these 14 social conditions are the same conditions that “everyone in Washington needs to flourish and achieve their full potential," the vision statement for the Washington State Office of Equity, the Office will use the same 14 social conditions and identify key indicators to measure the state's progress toward becoming an equitable and just state.

In 2020, the Office of Equity added Digital Equity as a 15th Determinant of Equity. For purposes of this Office, digital equity encompasses the following:

  • Website accessibility
  • Access to affordable, reliable wi-fi/internet/broadband services and devices
  • Digital literacy
  • Pro-equity in emerging technologies, such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence

The 15 Determinants of Equity, or social conditions, the state will focus on shifting are listed below:

  1. Affordable, healthy, local food
  2. Access to health and human services
  3. Access to parks, recreation, and natural resources
  4. Transportation and mobility
  5. Housing and home ownership
  6. Community and public safety
  7. Early childhood development
  8. Economic justice
  9. Equity in state and local practices
  10. Equity in justice systems and laws
  11. Equity in jobs and job training
  12. Heathy built and natural environments
  13. Quality education
  14. Strong, vibrant neighborhoods
  15. Digital equity 

5. Leaders in Washington State Government (See Page 6)

6. Workforce Trends in Washington State Government

7. Supplier Diversity in Washington State (See pages 10-13)

8. Accessibility-New in 2022 or 2023

9. Belonging-New in 2022 or 2023

There really is more than enough. Karen A. Johnson, PhD (Dr. J) Inaugural Director, Washington State Office of Equity