Our Process*

Equity and justice for all, statewide across state government.

Arrow upwards with Build the System We Need, Lay a Strong Foundation and Maximize the System We Have
Blueprint for a Just & Equitable Future: 10-Year Plan to Dismantle Poverty in Washington, p. 50.
  1. Lay a strong foundation. Center equity in all laws, policies, rules, operations, programs, practices, and interactions.
  2. Maximize the system we have. Through stronger policy, integration, and collaboration across systems, sectors, and jurisdictions to make the most of the system we have.
  3. Build the system we need. Begin to dismantle racism by addressing root causes through bold systemic and cultural change and build structural fairness and belonging for individuals and groups that currently experience discrimination, racism, or multiple forms of oppression.


*Note: If you have not read this plan, I highly suggest that you take a few minutes to do so. Great work, Dr. Lori Pfingst and the Governor’s Poverty Reduction Workgroup collaborative. Because the process for doing anti-poverty work and anti-racism work is the same process for doing equity work, the Office will use the same process.