Our Pledge

Equity and justice for all, statewide across state government.

  1. We will partner with others to be a fully inclusive, multi-cultural, anti-racist state.
  2. We will lead the state toward becoming a truly transformed government enterprise—one that embeds equity and justice into every action, and where doing so is simply the way state government works.
  3. Our actions and decisions will be guided by the following principles of equity: 
    • Equity is not equality. Equity requires developing, strengthening, and supporting policies and procedures that distribute and prioritize resources to people in identify groups who have historically been and currently are marginalized, including tribes
    • Equity requires the elimination of systemic barriers that have been deeply entrenched in systems of inequality and oppression; and
    • Equity achieves procedural and outcome fairness, promoting dignity, honor, and respect for all people.
  4. To reframe state government to work in a way that bridges opportunity gaps and reduces disparities to achieve equitable and just outcomes for everyone in Washington, we will:
    • Consult with state agencies to decrease inequities in employment and contracting across state government
    • Converse with communities to remove barriers to accessing state services to improve access to state services, surpassing accessibility (language, physical, age, technological/broadband/artificial intelligence) expectations across state government
    • Communicate with legislators and policymakers, and collaborate with numerous public and private stakeholders to promote systemic and cultural changes by introducing best practices and change management to agencies to co-create a seamless, integrated, world-class, equitable and just public service delivery system where a team of actively engaged public servants provide a superior, equitable and humane customer experience to Washingtonians seeking assistance.