Our 2021-2023 Priorities

Equity and justice for all, statewide across state government.

Build organizational capacity to develop a statewide capacity-building strategy from scratch for working with agencies and communities to promote access to equitable opportunities and resources, bridge opportunity gaps and reduce disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities, and improve outcomes statewide across state government so everyone in Washington flourishes and achieves their full potential.

  1. Develop the state’s five-year equity strategic plan, equity goals and outcome measures (internal and external), to remove barriers to accessing state services and decrease inequities across state government so everyone in Washington  has full access to the opportunities, power, and resources they need to flourish and achieve their full potential for the next seven generations and beyond
  2. Design an online performance dashboard that measures agencies’ progress toward diversity (equity) goals
  3. Develop the form, content, and format, for agencies to use to develop equity plans.
  4. Help agencies develop their own DEI plans
  5. Help the state develop polices, programs, procedures, protocols, and practices that surpass accessibility requirements
  6. Publish a report for each agency detailing whether the agency has met the performance measures established and the effectiveness of agency programs and services on reducing disparities, including the agency's strengths and accomplishments, areas for continued improvement, and areas for corrective action.
  7. Establish a process to report on agency performance and a process for agencies to respond to the report.
  8. Establish accountability procedures for agency compliance with Office performance measures.
  9. Prepare an annual report for the Governor and the Legislature, summarizing the Office's work, including strengths and accomplishments, an overview of agency compliance with Equity Office standards and performance measures, and an equity analysis of the demographic makeup of communities involved in the Office’s work.
  10. Review the final recommendations submitted by the Office of Equity Task Force and report back to the Governor and the Legislature with any additional recommendations necessary for the office to carry out the duties prescribed under RCW 43.06D.