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Check out the resources below to learn about groups directly involved in creating a just and equitable experience for women. Visit Resources to explore resources for self-education and personal development.

In Washington, two statewide, public sector organizations continue the push for equity and justice for all women.

Closeup portrait of two young women

Women’s Commission

  • Mission
    • The Washington State Women’s Commission improves the life of every woman by ensuring equitable opportunities and removing systemic barriers through engagement, advocacy, and public policy, while being inclusive of our diverse populations.
  • Vision
    • Every woman and girl is healthy, safe, prosperous and empowered to achieve their full potential.
  • Purpose
    • The purpose of the Women’s Commission is to improve the well-being of women, by enabling them to participate fully in all fields of endeavor, assisting them in obtaining governmental services and promoting equal compensation and fairness in employment for women.  It is also the purpose of the Women’s Commission to address issues relevant to the problems and needs of women, such as domestic violence, child care, child support, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, equal compensation and job pathways opportunities in employment and the specific needs of women of color.
  • Priorities
    • Economic Opportunity
    • Economic Security
    • Safety
    • Health

Interagency of State Employed Women (ICSEW)

  • Mission
    • To improve the lives of state employees by advising the Governor and agencies on policies that affect state-employed women.
  • Vision
    • Enriching lives through advocacy, outreach, and opportunity.
  • Values
    • Leadership, Integrity, Fostering Growth, Empowerment, Well-being, Advocacy
  • Priorities
    • Strengthen our role as a policy advising body.
    • Increase awareness of ICSEW within agencies and communities.
    • Empower women to positively shape their lives.
    • Increase engagement of state employees.
    • Promote inclusion and cultural competency among state employees.
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