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Check out the resources below to learn about groups directly involved in creating a just and equitable experience for persons with disabilities. Visit Resources (insert link to People Resources page) to explore resources for self-education and personal development.

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Many agencies and organizations in Washington state work to address the unique needs associated with different disabilities, including but not limited to physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, and mental illness. Others focus on issues such as access to housing and legal assistance based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Information provided on in this section may not be comprehensive.1

Washington State Business Resource Groups


Disability-Related Associations and Organizations

Aging and Disability Resource Centers

Statewide Independent Living Council

The Statewide Independent Living Council helps remove barriers to independent living for people with disabilities and works to increase necessary supports and services. It is part of the National Council on Independent Living .

Other State and Non-Profit Agencies

These agencies provide help for people with disabilities and their families and caregivers. Disability services are often free or low-cost.

Regional Americans with Disabilities Act Center

Provides information, training, and guidance on disability access and Illinois disability services. One of 10 regional centers in the ADA National Network.

Developmental Disabilities Services

These agencies and organizations support and address the specific needs of people with developmental disabilities. They advocate for community inclusion and access to Washington disability services.

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