American Indian/Alaskan Native

Honoring humanity creates an equitable and just society.



The Washington State Office of Equity champions equity and justice for American Indian/Alaska Native people and celebrates the rich American Indian/Alaska Native heritage that has shaped the state’s history and is instrumental to its future success. We recognize the value and dignity of American Indian/Alaska Native people and work to ensure that every American Indian/Alaska Native person has equitable access to the opportunities, power, and resources they need to succeed and are welcomed, supported, and feel a sense of belonging when working in or seeking assistance from state agencies.

We count on the commitment, partnership, and support of American Indian/Alaska Native people, tribes and leaders – across the state, inside and outside of state government, - in this important work of dismantling the historic, systemic, power dynamics that oppress American Indian/Alaska Natives, while building new systems and safeguards that advance representation and ensure American Indian/Alaska Native access to participation in all aspects of society (such as, government, business, education) until each and every American Indian/Alaska Native person in the state flourishes and achieves their full potential.

Let us rededicate ourselves to the principle that all Americans have the tools to make the most of their God-given potential. For Indian tribes and tribal members, this means that the authority of tribal governments must be accorded the respect and support to which they are entitled under the law. It means that American Indian children and youth must be provided a solid education and the opportunity to go on to college. It means that more must be done to stimulate tribal economies, create jobs and increase economic opportunities. Bill Clinton
All of our people all over the country - except the pure-blooded Indians - are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, including even those who came over here on the Mayflower. Franklin Roosevelt