Index of Acronyms & Commonly-Used Terms

2SSB 5793 - Second Substitute Senate Bill (2SSB) 5793 is the enacting legislation for community compensation

AAG - Agency-assigned Attorney General

ACH - Automated Clearing House, a tool for issuing payments used by US Bank

COM - Department of Commerce

CSD - Community Services Division

DCYF - Department of Children, Youth & Families

DOH - Department of Health

DSHS - Dept. Of Social & Health Services

DVA - Department of Veterans’ Affairs

EFS - Economic Feasibility Study

ESD - Employment Security Department

HCA - Health Care Authority

OFM - Office of Financial Management, an office that provides fiscal services to Washington state government, legislature, agencies, etc.

OSPI - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

OST - Office of the State Treasurer

PRA - Public Records Act

RCW - Revised Code of Washington, refers to existing laws on the books and this acronym typically precedes a reference number which makes it possible to find the text of the law in question. The full Revised Code of Washington can be found here:

SSA - Social Security Administration

SWV - Statewide Vendor (number)

UW - University of Washington

WAC - Washington Administrative Code, refers to state law that is established by statute in order to regulate executive branch agencies. The full WA Administrative Code can be found here: