Budgeting for Compensation

Fiscal Impacts

Chapter 297, laws of 2022, section 130(25) (ESSB 5793) includes $250,000 in fiscal year 2023 for implementation of (2SSB) 5793. This funding is managed by the Office of Financial Management (OFM) and can be used until 6/30/2023.

To access the funds, complete this form: https://ofm.wa.gov/sites/default/files/public/budget/forms/2023-25/5793TrackingTemplateForm.xlsx 

Email completed form to: OFMmiLivedExperienceCompensation@ofm.wa.gov

OFM will rely on agencies for accurate data for which payments were made.  Incomplete forms will not receive allocations from this funding source. 

OFM will review all requests received on January 20, April 20, and June 20. All requests will be funded, starting with smallest agencies (by total budget) first until the entire $250,000 is distributed. 

Agencies will receive an allocation of expenditure authority from OFM for the approved amounts.

Fiscal impacts beyond fiscal year 2023 (7/1/2023 and later) will be determined by the final compensation guidelines, the number of individuals participating in class one groups qualified to receive compensation, and the level of funding available at each state agency or across the enterprise to pay for the costs of the stipends.


Section 7 of 2SSB 5793 requires tracking of both demographic and fiscal information. These two types of information should be captured separately. In addition, the agency overseeing the workgroup should be tracking in totality how many groups they convene, how many members are in each group, the frequency of meetings, and the creation and completion date if applicable.

The demographic information should be captured electronically so that data can be compiled for the entire agency. This should not include any personally identifiable information and needs to include at least: the most recent calendar year that the person participated in a group, their race, ethnicity, income, and county.

The fiscal information should be automatically captured through the normal expenditure process. Unique sub-subobjects (SSO) have been created in the Statewide sub-subobject table for accounting staff to code the amount for stipends and allowances (reimbursements) separately. Use sub-subobject NZ Z460 for “Stipends- lived experience” and NZ Z461 “Other allowances- lived experience” for reimbursement requests. Agencies should decide if they wish to use existing sub-subobjects to capture the cost of reimbursements for travel, lodging, meals or perdiem, or charge all lived experience payment and reimbursement to the unique lived experience sub-subobjects.

Note: As an agency tracks lived experience compensation, if those costs are causing expenditures to exceed expenditure authority, please contact the agency’s budget office or representative and OFM budget assistant.