Agency Reporting Requirements

Agencies must adhere to the following reporting requirements identified in 2SSB 5793, which states that:

“An agency exercising its authority to provide stipends under RCW 43.03.220(2) must report to the Washington state office of equity by August 30, 2023 and August 30, 2024, for state fiscal years 2023 and 2024 respectively, the following information:

  1. A brief description of the groups for which stipends have been made available including:
    • Number of members receiving a stipend or allowance (reimbursement)
    • Aggregate demographic information of members of class one groups including race, ethnicity, income, and geographic representation by county (see Demographic Data section below for further details)
  2. The amount of stipends distributed
  3. The amount of compensation distributed
  4. An analysis of whether and how the availability of stipends and allowances (reimbursements) has reduced barriers to participation and increased the diversity of group participants
  5. An analysis of whether the provision of stipends and allowances (reimbursements) resulted in more applications and willingness to participate.”

Demographic Data

RCW 43.03.2705 requires agencies to report demographic data to the Washington State Office of Equity about community member compensation. The required demographics include race, ethnicity, income, and geographic representation by county. The Office of Equity uses this information to understand how stipends and expense reimbursements reduce barriers and increase the diversity of group participation in agency decision-making. Agencies can use surveys, Microsoft Forms, or other data collection tools to collect this information. You may want to avoid collecting information like names, addresses, birth dates, and other potentially identifying information.

Example Question Format Demographic Collection

Demographic data for race and ethnicity is based on the standards used by the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2020 Census. Race and ethnicity options are provided in alphabetical order.

Race (mark all that apply):

American Indian or Alaska Native ___


Black or African American___

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander___



Hispanic or Latino___

Not Hispanic or Latino___

Which Washington county do you reside in? ________


Other format suggestions are:

  • My racial and/or ethnic identity is:
  • I identify as Alaska Native or American Indian? Y/N
  • My sexual identity is:
  • My gender identity is:
  • I identify as a person with a disability. Y/N
  • My citizenship status is:
    • U.S. citizen
    • Non U.S. citizen
    • Naturalized U.S. citizen
  • The generation I most closely identify with is:
    • Traditionalists or Silent Generation: born 1928-1945
    • Baby Boomers: born 1946-1964
    • Generation X: born 1965-1980
    • Generation Y or Millennials: born 1981-1996
    • Generation Z: born 1997-2015
  • My current housing status is:
    • Unstably housed
    • Unsheltered
    • Stably housed
    • Stably housed, but have past experience being unstably housed or sheltered
  • The description best fits the community I live in is:
    • Rural
    • Suburban
    • Urban
  • The region of Washington that best represents where I reside is:
    • Northwest
    • Southwest
    • Central
    • Northeast
    • Southeast

See the Agency Reporting From in the examples and templates section.

In addition to the requirements, we recommend agencies identify challenges or make process improvement recommendations. This will help the Office of Equity recommend improvements to the legislation or make improvements to these guidelines.