Equity Everyday

Centering Communities. Creating change

Why do thousands of people work here? Is it our desire to serve everyone with dignity and respect? Is it the richness of our lived experiences? Or, is it our dedication to come up with real solutions for real people with real problems?

Perhaps it is the joy we experience when our solutions work for everyone. Or, maybe, it is our sadness when we get it wrong for so many. We are interconnected by our humanity.

And despite the color of our skin, the languages we speak, our gender or gender identity, or where we worship we bring all of who we are with us.

Our joy, our sadness, our secret sauce, each and every day.

We are Washington state employees. We’re public servants who believe that together we can accomplish anything. That everyone deserves a fair chance to live their best life.

And most of all, we believe in Equity and Justice for all.

Every day. The Washington state way.  Because we all belong here.


Governor Inslee's 2022 Equity Summit!! 

The Governor's Executive Order 22-02, Achieving Equity in Washington State Government, directed agencies to advance equity and anti-racism in the following areas: Public Contracting, Public Employment, Public Education, and Public Services. 

On November 30th, approximately 2,000 community members and state employees came together in-person and virtually to identify specific performance measures and metrics the state will use to gauge how well we are advancing equity. Together, Summit participants helped lay a strong foundation for achieving equity across Washington state government, now and for generations to come, and learned how to advance belonging, equity, and justice for all, from several incredible presenters.



Summit Videos

In the following videos, state employees and community members shared why they believe advancing a pro-equity antiracism (PEAR) ecosystem is important for all Washingtonians. These videos were shared as pre-work to prepare people for their participation at the Summit.

Note: Why Lead with Race: Governor’s 2022 Equity Summit, was shown at the Summit.

Below are videos of the Summit plenary morning and afternoon sessions:

Recordings of the Summit plenary morning and afternoon sessions are linked below:

Recordings of the Laying the Foundation group work are linked below:

Note: No recordings were made for Developing Measures for Achieving Equity in Public Education session and the afternoon session Achieving Equity in Public Service