Templates, Resources & Examples


Link to Agency Reporting Form- (to be submitted after completion of EACH workgroup or by June 30 of each year for ongoing workgroups to meet the agency mandate)

Link to Demographic/Geographic Survey Form- (send to each community member who received a stipend or reimbursement and ask them to complete to meet the agency mandate)

Class One Volunteer Application Form Template

Volunteer Acknowledgment Form Template

Technology Check Out Form

Payment Request Form Template

Class One Volunteer Demographic/Geographic Survey Template (for community members who are unable to complete the electronic form or as an example for agencies who wish to collect the demographic/geographic data themselves and report to the Office of Equity)


Community Compensation Overview

Community Compensation Live Presentation March 29, 2023

Agency Examples

There are many ways to implement the legislation and guidelines and remain true to the legislative intent. The following are examples of how different Washington state agencies are implementing the legislation and guidelines. These are all living documents. Agencies will continue to update these as they implement to remove barriers that arise and advance equity. Thank you to the agencies who are sharing their policies to help other agencies develop theirs. 

Department of Health Community Compensation Guidelines 4.21.23