Activities Eligible for Compensation & Reimbursement

Per 2SSB 5793, eligible workgroup members may be paid for the following:

Attending official meetings

  • Examples of official meetings may include full workgroup meetings, subgroup, task force, or subcommittee meetings, community feedback sessions, and travel time.

Performing statutorily prescribed duties approved by the chair(s) of the workgroup

  • Examples of performing statutorily prescribed duties approved by the chair(s) includes but is not limited to reviewing and commenting on a plan, producing or reviewing written content such as research or reports, meeting preparation, traveling to and attending an outreach meeting, conference or training, and other one-time events.
  • These duties should be discussed with the workgroup prior to the launch of the workgroup and the workgroup leader should make sure that every workgroup member understands.
  • The workgroup chair, co-chair or lead may want to consult with their agency’s assigned AAG on how this provision may apply to their workgroup. If the chair, co-chair or lead is not a Washington state employee, they should communicate with agency staff before consulting with the agency AAG.