Universal Access & Belonging


Language Access & Belonging COMING SOON

  • Employment
  • Programs, activities and services
  • Bilingual/multilingual employee positions
  • Language Access (LA) Plan

Disability Access & Belonging COMING SOON

  • Employment
  • Programs, activities and services
  • Facilities and Universal Design
  • Communications
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Plan

Information and Communication Technologies Access & Belonging COMING SOON

  • Disability
  • Language
  • Low digital literacy
  • Social and economic barriers
  • Information and Communication Technologies Accessibility (ICTA) Plan

Legal Authorities COMING SOON

Removing barriers, honoring self-determination, and building inclusive systems that benefit all.

Office of Equity Consultants can provide Washington state agencies and partners with a variety of expert consulting services related to Universal Access & Belonging.

What is Universal Access & Belonging?

Universal Access & Belonging is a term used by the Office of Equity to describe its framework and mission:

1. Image of symbols for sign language interpreting, assistive listening devices, and variety of communication methods, such as cellphones, text, internet, email, social media, music, telephone, and photos. 2. Image of the International Symbol of Access (ISA), also known as the (International) Wheelchair Symbol, a blue square with image of a person in a wheelchair outlined in white 3. Image of the word “Welcome” translated into mutliple languages
  • Honor the individual and community’s right to determine their own needs and the best way to meet those needs.
  • Identify and remove barriers that limit or prevent equity and justice for all, particularly for those who have been historically excluded and oppressed.
  • Replace old systems with new systems that are just, equitable, diverse, accessible, and inclusive for the benefit of all.

Our Consultants will work with you to create Universal Access & Belonging strategic plans, policies, and initiatives that are tailored to meet your employee and customer needs. Consulting services are currently available in the following areas:

  • Language Access & Belonging
  • Disability Access & Belonging
  • Information and Communication Technologies Access & Belonging