Angela Vera Webster

Advisory Board Program Manager


My name is Angela, my pronouns are she/her/ella.

I was working in drive-through Community COVID testing in Spokane during Omicron. 10-hour shifts on my feet all day in the freezing snow and ice. One day in early January, I felt so downtrodden at the unmet and unending needs of Washingtonians coupled with the rigors of the jobs that I said to myself "I can't do this anymore," and started applying in earnest elsewhere. I didn't leave that job until six months later after an injury forced me out. Hundreds of applications and countless interviews later, I was finally hired to the Office of Equity in December. Much to my surprise.

My role at the office involves sharing information about the advisory board, recruiting, staffing, and managing a board of Washingtonian's who are tasked with identifying policy and system barriers in State government and creating recommendations and priorities for our office.

I will know I made a difference when folks on the receiving end of State services or who have historically been the target of state oppression indicate that they either feel better served or no longer targeted and negatively impacted by the State. Instead, they begin to trust because services are being reliably supplied in a way that respects their dignity.